How Much Does It Cost To Have A Portrait Painted

This inquiry is asked frequently through the internet because it is a crucial one.

Paint My Photos has been in custom portait business since 2002 and we are artists based company, which means you buy direct from artists. Order from us can save you at least 50% of the cost. Trust me, you don’t deserve to pay that much money. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the quality, paintings are done by professional portrait artists, our artist team is a secret source behind many top art galleries. They commission art from us and sell thousands dollars.

Price of a painting or a portrait largely depends on the reputation of the artist as well as quality of his work. Thus, giving an exact quote is difficult. Having said that, you can go for online services like, which takes your digital photographs and turns it into a hand-painted portrait as per your specifications. This is usually a good price service, particularly if look when compared with traditional artists. Plus, it is hassle-free, high-quality and the portrait is delivered right at your doorsteps.

Having Your Portrait Painted Is Cool and trendy Again, and It’s Simply Cost You $150

Once considered a relic with the photography era, the art of portrait painting is creating a comeback think of it as a selfie that can take weeks to complete.

Charge for a painting relies on the size and number of persons to be painted. A large canvas will surely cost more than a small canvas. A four person family portrait may cost higher than a two person portrait.

How much does a made to order portrait cost?

Plenty of people acknowledge the importance of a fully tailor made art work and portrait. They understand how a must have it is to give some other person or yourself a reward which will last not only a lifetime, but a lifetime and beyond. Whatever your reason for thinking about commissioning a custom portrait, you might have maybe considered how much it costs you financially.


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