When we think of art, we think of Jesus in different poses, angels, messiahs, fairies etc but is it the real Christian art? Then there are different definitions like the art depicting Christianity, religion etc. Further, there are people who believe Christian art is the paintings and sculptures made by the Christian artists. Whatever is the definition or the interpretation, one thing is sure that Christian art has a great value not only because of its beauty but also the message presented through the paintings.

The Christian art has a long history and it began from 70 AD itself. There are many topics that are used in this art form. Most of the Christian art and sculpture depict one of the following topics- adoration of Magi, adoration of shepherds, angels, arrest and ascension of Jesus, coronation of the virgin, crucifix, the last judgment and supper, tree of Jesse, Madonna and child etc. These themes are painted and depicted by many popular artists as well as artists who are lesser known. These paintings are hung in the churches and are also kept in many famous art galleries. The paintings and pictures are source of intense mental peace and spirituality.

If we try to see the Christian art in modern context then we can find its importance in more than one ways. They are beautiful no doubts but they have extra importance in today’s world where turmoil is the second name of existence. No one is happy today and people are running after the unknown making their life a living hell. During the times, when people are surging away from humanity and spirituality, Christian art can bring peace and calmness in people’s life. The gospel truth of life becomes palpable when one watches these paintings. There are many posters with spiritual and moral boosting themes that many people find hard to ignore.

Some of the paintings are so well painted that many skeptics and atheists have been forced to become theist. These paintings and sculptures have been lifeline of many people especially the soldiers who have a very stressful life. With the advent of printing press, many famous paintings are printed which make it more popular. Most of these paintings talk about the positivity of life which is very important in the modern world. They bring calmness in life. The visuals and the messages of Christian art help the people to overcome many obstacles of life.

Though the Christian art has undergone many geneses, yet the principles of Christianity and spirituality are well intact even today. If people follow the message given out by these paintings, they will find a great inner peace and life will become more enriching and happy.

Art in Bulk offers big collection of religious paintings for sale. Having a Christian art painting in your home or office is apart from beauty a great source of strength. Whenever you are in stress, anxiety or confusion just a look at the painting can do wonders. It is a constant reminder of the fact that almighty is here, right here and nothing could possibly go all wrong.