Embracing two cultures

Embracing two cultures:

In Tucson, Arizona exists a neighborhood close to down town called Barrio Historico which has integrated the historic culture of Mexican-Spanish with the Anglo influence in a most effective and sensitive way. As a result, a unique community developed and is thriving here.
Strolling through this quaint neighborhood in the early evening when the sun’s last rays illuminate the narrow streets and colorful houses, of which some are still old and half forgotten, others restored and modernized, one might be transcended into another time, a time parallel to the present. My photographs of an evening walk through the Barrio Historico show old and new side by side: A window covered by a sheet, another with a blanket, a doorway with paint peeling, Spanish writing on the wall leftover from a store, a blue door with Zen boulders in front, a doorway showing Victorian influence. A hand built yellow bicycle leaning on a blue adobe wall . All images reflecting a peaceful joy. Photographed with a digital Nikon camera.