As a counterpoint to Wall’s conclusions

As a counterpoint to Wall’s conclusions — that the intervention of the mirror (and he is, here, making a case for Graham’s own mirroric interventions, for example, his 1978 Alternation to a Suburban House) puts an end to what he calls the nihilistic game of the glass house — I want to offer, as a

Black Cloud

“Black Cloud” (1995) reiterates this phantomlike, elusive condition of the image. Clouds are the perfect icons of insubstantiality, the very image of potentiality. “Black Cloud” is the most dense yet also the most atmospheric of Therrien’s drawings. It sucks us into an unfathomable distance and seems as something seen from afar, indistinctly, but vividly. Branding

Contemporary art and the Educational Turn

Had you entered the Winkleman Gallery in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood between February 19th and March 20th, 2010, you would have found the space looking more like a graduate seminar room than a commercial exhibition venue. With its wall-to-wall chalkboards and easily rearranged folding tables and chairs, the gallery clearly evoked its feeder institution: the


“Car crash in Calabria. Three people died, two are seriously injured.” Tino Sehgal’s solo show at Milan’s Outpost Art, the first major exhibition in Italy for this British-born, Berlin-based artist, begins in this way: the visitor stands in the lobby of the neoclassical building designed at the end of the 18th century by architect Leopoldo

Interviews with Spartacus Chetwynd

Interviews with Spartacus Chetwynd have, for the most part, focused on the style of her work, which is a large part of its attraction. Carnivalesque, at once amateur and professional, her performances involve troupes large enough to create a circus atmosphere but small enough for them to be intimate. There are extravagant sets and costumes,

Inge Infante

Biography Inge Infante, a German artist living in California, studied art, photography, graphic design and mathematics. This background together with her love of music and travel is reflected in her art in a fascinating combination of painting, drawing, printing, photography, computer graphics and collage. Images of the past and present fuse to offer new and

Ines Tancre

Biography Ines Tancré – born in Germany – lives and works at present in Vienna, Austria. She studied Philosophy, Linguistics, Germanic Studies and Theater in Munich, Madrid and Bonn and finished with a PhD in Lingustics. Shortly after began her nomade lifestyle as a diplomat’s wife. Her husband’s postings lead her to live in Iran,

Werner Glinka

Biography Werner Glinka, resides in Woodside, California. He was raised in the industrial city of Gelsenkirchen, Germany, where he developed an aesthetic sensibility shaped by the stark, industrial environment.He came to California in 1981. After he moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains, he developed his unique style of assemblage combining the influences of the sleek,

Susanne Kaspar

Biography Susanne Kaspar was born in Silesia and  raised in a small German village in the romantic Neckar valley. Her sense of serenity and beauty which marks her work was greatly influenced by that enchanting environment.  1966 she moved to the U.S.A. In Berkeley, CA, she pursued her interest in photography and has been working

Susannah Jackson

Biography Susannah Jackson was born in Frankfurt / Germany. She grew up in the south of the State of Hessen and considers the lovely “ Bergstrasse “between Frankfurt and Heidelberg her home. She received her degree as an Elementary and Secondary School teacher with emphasis on Art from the University in Giessen and completed her