Month: January 2016

Eli Geiser

Biography Eli Geiser – born and raised in a small Swiss town at the border to Germany – lives since January 2007 in San Francisco, CA.Eli was trained as a ceramics painter and got a degree as a teacher of handicraft and textile works from the School of Applied Arts in Zurich and the Teachers’

Bertolt A. Schmidt

Biography Bertolt A. Schmidt lives in Berlin and San Francisco. He is a professional industrial product designer with a diploma from the Düsseldorf Art Academy.He has received numerous international design awards. In addition to his work as a freelance product designer he has been active in the fields ofpainting and graphics, mostly including computer-based applications.

Anne Siems

Biography All that I see, hear, touch, experience and dream moves into me and finds it’s way into my artwork. I love faces, bodies, gardens, wide open stretches of land with small forests and fields, old things that have had a life of their own, stories and all the realms in between. What I paint

Silke Henkel-Wallace

Biography Silke Henkel-Wallace was born in northern Germany where she grew up amid the countryside and wooded forests. Though always fascinated with painting, she first pursued a career in the graphic arts in Germany and later in Boston, where she graduated from Emerson College.In 1997 she the left United States for France.Living in central Paris,

Natasha Jülicher

Natasha Jülicher divides her time between San Francisco, California and Europe. She was raised near the city of Muenster, Germany, in beautiful surroundings and close to nature. The close relationship to the natural world is very evident in her work, as is her interest in mythology.Natasha moved to the U.S. at the age of 21

Loop de Loop

The new series ‘Loop de Loop’ is a sequel to my former series ‘roller coaster’. With its layers of materials my new art collection shows the complexity of my artistic life in the United States influenced by a never ending visa bureaucracy. Unbeknown to most Americans, the process of obtaining a work permit for the

Embracing two cultures

Embracing two cultures: In Tucson, Arizona exists a neighborhood close to down town called Barrio Historico which has integrated the historic culture of Mexican-Spanish with the Anglo influence in a most effective and sensitive way. As a result, a unique community developed and is thriving here.Strolling through this quaint neighborhood in the early evening when