When we think of art, we think of Jesus in different poses, angels, messiahs, fairies etc but is it the real Christian art? Then there are different definitions like the art depicting Christianity, religion etc. Further, there are people who believe Christian art is the paintings and sculptures made by the Christian artists. Whatever is

The Most Famous Paintings

Despite the massive number of paintings that viewers have seen in museums and art galleries across the world, only a reasonably tiny number has actually been globally recognized as being classic. Classic in their beauty as well as implementation, these artworks have transcended time and also imaginative concepts to create history. These paints know to

Tungsten magic

It seems many photographers today grew up believing electronic flash is the only source of artificial light. Flash has its advantages, and it is often the equipment of choice for both studio and location work. But there also exists the almost forgotten magic of an illumination called tungsten, or incandescent light, produced by the very

where toget an artist to draw a portrait

A portrait painting, when gifted to your close types, carries your true and heartfelt feelings that no other gift item can do. After all, craft has the capacity to articulate inner thoughts better than words do.. One can turn a picture of basically anything into a pencil portrait including pencil portraits of persons, pets, homes

LOW Light Photography SETTINGS with Canon EOS M50

Let’s say…. I am a complete beginner. All I have is Canon EOS M50 and the kit lens which came with it which is 15 – 45 mm lens f/3.5 – 6.3 IS STM. And I don’t have any external flash. I don’t have any studio lights. I’m completely beginner. That’s all I really have

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Portrait Painted

This inquiry is asked frequently through the internet because it is a crucial one. Paint My Photos has been in custom portait business since 2002 and we are artists based company, which means you buy direct from artists. Order from us can save you at least 50% of the cost. Trust me, you don’t deserve

star wars canvas print

The Star Wars picture of your final choice is covered in a tough frame along with supplies employed for the entire product have good quality. They are available in a defensive layer against sun or damage from water. Furthermore, you really do not need a lot of effort to hold it in shape. The merchandise

Tips on how toPaint a Appealing Design on a Black Canvas Bag

If you love to fly just like I do, you know how big is of a problem it usually is to look for your bag in baggage claim. Black canvas suitcases often comprise more than 80 percent of the suitcases which come off a plane in airports worldwide. I have tried personally coloured bag tags,

Face oil art work Francoise Nielly style

She has investigated the many elements of “appearance” all her daily life, via artwork, photography, illustrations, virtual and roughs, personal computer produced cartoon artwork. It can be very clear since artwork is her path and her enthusiasm. She will get her feeling of construction and space from her daddy, who had been an designer. Being

Wonderful Artwork of Francoise Nielly

In the individual way, Francoise Nielly paints a persons encounter in every one of his works of art. And she paints it over and over once again, with slashes of color throughout their experience. Occasions of lifestyle that develop from her artwork are delivered from your clinch with all the fabric. Shade is introduced similar